Summerside Kindergarten & Pre School

1 Summerside St, Edinburgh EH6 4NT


Summerside Kindergarten was opened in 1991 and since then, we have been providing a learning environment where children feel safe and secure within our care.

Our aim is to give your child a happy, fun, and secure nursery experience.

Summerside Kindergarten encourages learning through play, but we also believe in teaching structured educational activities to support learning in the early years.

Childcare and early education are not just what we do at Summerside – they are who we are.

At Summerside we know childhood is a time to be cherished.

We see it as our responsibility to provide learning environments and experiences that capture the joy of childhood, we nurture each child and support their development as an individual.

We hold their hand on the pathway to building resilience and readiness in transition to primary school and for life.

Our practitioner-to-child ratios ensure a constant focus on each child’s individual needs.

Summerside teaches habits that will serve the child well, including citizenship and social responsibility.

We facilitate self-directed investigation, collaborative small group work and practitioner- directed assignments and activities.

Our fully qualified practitioners work ceaselessly to provide improved outcomes in pre-school education and strive to reflect the vision of Curriculum for Excellence, and by so doing ensure that all children are included and treated equally.

Further, our practitioners possess the skills necessary to offer Additional Support for Learning and the physical support and different communication needs.

Visions, Values & Aims


    • Our vision is to offer a high-quality service, providing rich learning experiences within a caring and nurturing environment.
    • The core value of our nursery is represented through our commitment and involvement throughout our community and ECO schools, where our allotment links to the natural world.


    • We value the importance of each child’s views and opinions.
    • We respect all children as individuals.
    • We listen to and are responsive to each child’s need and interests.


    • We aim to provide exciting and inclusive learning experiences to develop children’s self-esteem and independence.

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