Tweenies weekly – w/c 8 July

This week the Tweenies have visited the library and collected different stories about numbers, letters and animals. We brought them back to nursery and took them out for a walk with us, to read and look at while we had a snack.

We have visited the allotment where we tasted peas, planted beans and played in soil, sand and water. The children have been looking closely at their colours and have worked hard to identify and match colour objects around the room. We have created sensory bags, explored salt dough and tackled puzzles. We also worked with Hannah the cook to make their own fruit salads which we took home to share with mummies and daddies.

The Tweenies have had a great time splashing in muddy puddles wearing their wellies and wet suits as they ran through the park looking for large puddles to splash in alongside their peers.