Tweenies Weekly – w/c 28 January

This week, the Tweenies have been particularly interested in animals. We created an animal sensory edible play tray using cereal, raisins, icing sugar and some biscuits. The children had great fun tasting some of the foods while feeding the animals and making it rain hoops. The Tweenies got messy exploring the icing sugar as they made the animal footprints in the tray. We have made small name and face connections for the children to look at to help them begin to recognise while connecting their name and face together.

We had our weekly Step Up Dance session where we practised following instructions by freezing our body and moving it to different types of music. We practiced rolling and crawling and taking turns while waiting on our peers. The children used musical instruments during our group session where we sang songs and played ‘Sandy Girl’.

Ros led a garden and experience in the L’atelier with the Tweenies and we had the opportunity to have our snack outdoors taking a basin with us to wash our hands and eat at the mud kitchen. We tackled puzzles and enjoyed story time at the park with finger puppets.