Tweenies Weekly – w/c 24 June

This week the Tweenies have made and explored their own salt dough. The Tweenies took turns when adding different materials and mixing it to make it into salt dough. They then used different cutters to make shapes while exploring the salt dough.

We have been to the allotment where we dug in the soil and painted wood.

We used our fine motor skills when threading different sized beads through string and have enjoyed the lovely sunshine both out in the garden and in the local community. We have spent time in the L’atelier enjoying our Step Up dance session and playing with bubbles, animals and cars. Some of the Preschool children graduated nursery and the Tweenies had the opportunity to explore the bouncy castle as party of their party.

The Tweenies loved climbing up the steps and sliding down the inflatable slide. We also made and explored a beach sensory tray adding the shells we had collected from our beach trip.