Tweenies Weekly – w/c 18 February

This week, the Tweenies had a lovely session with Ros planting at nursery. The children looked at different stories about plants and sang songs involving planting and soil. They then took turns to collect the soil from the bag and placed it into a tub using both a spade and our hands. We explored a blue and white animal water bead habitat.

The Tweenies had another fun and challenging Step Up Dance session in our L’atelier. We practised our balance skills, rolling over, moving our bodies to music and stopping on time to the music. We also worked on our waiting skills while our peers took turns. We made a mixture of sand and paint to create marks on paper with brushes and the Tweenies took completed pictures home to them. We spent time in the garden exploring the slide, sandpit and tyres. The children used cut-up shapes from paper and made sharks to expand on our love for Baby Shark. We explored sand and waterplay using boats and jugs and funnels to pour the water.