Tweenies Weekly – w/c 11 February

This week, the Tweenies have been busy creating Valentine’s cards and pictures to take home. The children made these using a range of materials which they glued onto cards and then used paint brushes with a mixture of colours to make marks onto paper.

We also explored a shaving foam sensory tray adding some different materials from around the room and the Tweenies loved adding the animals into the foam while getting messy. We explored a polar bear habitat using our blue and white water beads. The children enjoyed exploring the textures of the beads while they found the small animals hidden inside the tray. We made marks on paper using cut-up vegetables from the kitchen and worked together to make salt dough. We also poured the different ingredients into the mixture and then mixed it together waiting and taking turns as our peers all got involved.

We also spent a morning outdoors where we visited St. Marks Park. The children enjoyed using the spiral steps to climb up the slide. We explored the slides and worked on our balance on the ropes. We also enjoyed our snack in the sunshine. We also welcomed a new friend from the Baby room who has now began transitioning into the Tweenie room.