Tweenies Weekly

This week the Tweenies went on our first tinsel tours outing, the children where very excited to be on the bus and we played Christmas music, decorated the mini bus and looked at all the lovely festive lights. The Tweenies had an afternoon arts and crafts session with Ros we had stories and the children had musical instruments to shake as we had a song session. Ros brought a branch from the allotment and the Tweenies painted the branded then made pinecone and ribbon decorations which they help Ros to hang we have displayed this on our eco board. The Tweenies have been very interested in our colourful rice sensory tray we added some cutlery from our home corner and the children filled and emptied their pots pans and plates while shaking the rice to make noise the sensory tray proved to be very popular in the Tweenie Room and we had our last step up dance session of the year we danced to Christmas music, used pom-poms and the parachute. The children painted cotton wool to make a snow like theme using a variety of colours some of the children where a little unsure of touching the cotton wool and we have also explored glittery Christmas salt dough which had cinnamon mixed throughout the mixture the children had fun smelling the different colours.