Tweenies Update – w/c 14th January

This week, the Tweenies have been working hard on introducing and practising our counting skills and looking at numbers or letters. We have created touch and feel number boards for the Tweenie room and have been having group sessions where we sing songs with actions and count.

The Tweenies loved exploring edible jelly play. There were numbers and letters hidden in the jelly and the children had fun exploring the texture to find the hidden objects, the children then realised they could eat the jelly and loved the flavour.

We have also been painting on foil, mixing colours and using dripping paint to paint pictures.

We worked on our fine motor skills by threading beads onto pasta in playdough. We also explored water play using tipping and pouring objects.

Moreover, we have also had our second Step Up dance session of the term, we worked on our balance on turn taking skills and moving our bodies to different types of music. We also made music using hand-print musical instrument shakers.