PreSchool Weekly – w/c 28 January

This week, the children have been keen to explore the frosty weather. We have had a range of outdoor experiences including a long-awaited return to the allotment! The Preschoolers have been looking at the changing properties of water and have been eager to see how quickly the water they use in the mud kitchen freezes in their pots and pans when left outside. Focusing on water play, the children have created waterfalls outside using loose parts, created their own vegetable soup in the house corner with water, and chopped some vegetables too. They have explored the mud kitchen, turning it into a cafe to create their own dishes.

Another huge interest in the room this week has been construction, thanks to the Preschoolers’ new rainbow building blocks. We have worked together to build towers and shapes and have been using the blocks as goggles to see the room and our friends in different colours. We have also used Lego to create towers, planes, trains and other automobiles.

Lastly, the children have been a part of creating a new story corner within the room. We visited the fabric store to pick out fabric that we needed and asked for the children’s input on what they would like to include to make it cozy. As a group, we decided that the story corner needed pillows, blankets, a fluffy rug and fairy lights. The children are loving the finished result!