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Tweenies this week

This week the Tweenies have been continuing their Animal topic! It has been popular within the room this week, we have been painting our hands and feet to turn into a parrot! By doing this we also practised being independent by allowing the children to choose the colour they wanted to use; this proved to […]

Babies this week

This week the Babies have been busy welcoming in new friends to the room! They have been been introduced to puppets as well! Staff members have provided short puppet shows for the Babies, which has provided no end of entertainment for everyone involved!

Tweenies this week

The Tweenies are continuing our Farm animal topic this week. We will be talking and reading stories about farmyard animals, asking the children what noise each animal makes! If you would like a set of sunglasses designed in the UK and crafted in Italy then check out Trads Sunglasses.

Pre School this week

The Pre School room have finished their Spring topic this week! We revisited previous activities and discussions, hoping the children would be able to recall facts, and of course they could! The second group went to Gorgie City Farm, getting the opportunity to see pigs and piglets, sheep and lambs, rabbits and ducks! Photos from this great excursion […]

Baby Room this week

In the Baby Room we will be listening to and reading nursery rhymes and looking at books. We will be introducing the new babies to the musical instruments showing them what they can do, and playing with the Heuristic toys such as the wooden spoons and tins that can make a noise!

Thank You!

We would like to thank all the parents and children for joining in our party celebrations on Saturday. We had a great turnout and enjoyed reminiscing with parents from both past years and present! Summerside Kindergarten would also like to thank everyone for their kind gifts and cards on what was a memorable day!