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Summerside Kindergarten Pre-school update 1 Feb Pic 2
PreSchool Weekly – w/c 28 January

This week, the children have been keen to explore the frosty weather. We have had a range of outdoor experiences including a long-awaited return to the allotment! The Preschoolers have been looking at the changing properties of water and have been eager to see how quickly the water they use in the mud kitchen freezes […]

Summerside Kindergarten Tweenies Weekly pic 1
Tweenies Weekly – w/c 28 January

This week, the Tweenies have been particularly interested in animals. We created an animal sensory edible play tray using cereal, raisins, icing sugar and some biscuits. The children had great fun tasting some of the foods while feeding the animals and making it rain hoops. The Tweenies got messy exploring the icing sugar as they […]

Summerside Kindergarten Allotment News 31 Jan pic 3
Allotment Weekly – w/c 28 February

By Ros This week, the Pre-school group requested a trip to the allotment so we made our first visit of the year on Wednesday. We had a lovely time getting there through the frosty but sunny conditions. We did some tracking in the park which was very exciting and finally made it to the allotment […]

Baby Room 251 Pic 2
Babies Weekly – w/c 21 January

This week in the Baby room, we have been busy spending lots of time outdoors. We have enjoyed long walks around the community, giving the older Babies the opportunity to walk in the community and grow in confidence being outdoors. We have created new art pieces which are now displayed within the room, with painting […]

Tweenies Weekly 25119 pic 3
Tweenies Weekly – w/c 21 January

This week, the Tweenies have had great fun exploring cloud dough which is made of flour and vegetable oil. The children enjoyed touching the cloud dough and driving the cars and animals through the mixture. We have made a den due to the children’s recent interest in hiding underneath different surfaces in the Tweenie room. […]

capture 3
PreSchool Update – w/c 14th January

This week, the PreSchool children have been looking at transport. The children have been looking at different colours and shapes and creating pictures with them. They have also been looking at the different types of transport and who uses the transport such as police cars and diggers. The children have been doing lots of different […]

Tweenies Update – w/c 14th January

This week, the Tweenies have been working hard on introducing and practising our counting skills and looking at numbers or letters. We have created touch and feel number boards for the Tweenie room and have been having group sessions where we sing songs with actions and count. The Tweenies loved exploring edible jelly play. There […]

Allotment Update – w/c 14th January

We have not been going to the allotment this week due to the cold and frost but we have been having fun doing elemental/environmental play.  The Tweenies enjoyed a play session in the park with hammocks, wildlife and mixing play. The Babies have made carrot cake and painted with mud and berries. The Preschool have […]

cap 4
Tweenies – Friday 11 January

This week, the Tweenies have been back in full swing. We have been walking and eco loving parks in our local community. We explored an outdoor woodland afternoon with Ros, we took our snack outdoors and had hot drinks for the children to try. The children painted the trees and walls with water and paint […]

Babies Weekly

This week, we have been busy settling the babies back into nursery routine. We have also welcomed a new friend into the room. We have been promoting and supporting independence through transition to the table for meals throughout the day, this has given us positive observations and the Babies the opportunity to develop confidence. We […]

Allotment Update – W/C 7 January

Happy New Year to everyone. I wanted to let you know what is happening at the allotment at the moment. Some crops, such as our garlic, onions, leeks and beetroot, are doing well. I harvested some leeks and beetroot today and the Babies will be washing them tomorrow ready for cooking them up for lunch. […]

Babies Weekly

This week we have had a busy time in our baby room. We have enjoyed our tinsel tour trip around the twinkling lights in town. We have been able to go short walks in the community to explore the change in the weather. The babies have been creative within the room at nursery creating Christmas […]