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Allotment Weekly – w/c 25 March

We have had great weather this week and it finally feels like time to really get going with planting and sowing seeds. So Pre-School have planted radishes and spinach seeds, and the Babies have planted lily bulbs in pots.  The onions, peas and other flowers planted a few weeks ago are doing well. The Pre-School […]

Allotment Weekly – w/c 4th March

This week, we have been doing our gardening jobs at the nursery, mainly because it has been a very wet week! I recorded 1.5 inches of rain in our rain gauge at the allotment. The Pre-School group have planted red onions in trays and laid out King Edward and Charlotte potatoes to chit. They will […]

Pre-School Weekly – w/c 25 February

This week, the Pre Schoolers have had a mixture of outdoors and indoors; choosing where they would like to play themselves. Tree climbing has been popular and a great example of risky play. The children have worked together to help each other climb. There has also been lots of roleplay in the mud kitchen, a […]

Tweenies Weekly – w/c 25 February

This week, the Tweenies have enjoyed a walk in our community to see the local ducks and swans. The children made quacking noises as they saw the ducks. The swans grabbed their attention as some of the children shouted “wow!” as the swans flapped their wings. Finger painting, stamp dabbing and gluing has also been […]

Babies Weekly – w/c 25 February

We have been busy this week with our first trip of the year to the allotment where all babies explored freely, eating apples and grapes. We took a lovely walk to visit and feed the ducks. We were lucky enough to see a fox and feed them too. We have also been developing our confidence […]

Allotment Weekly – w/c 18 February

We have been busy at the allotment this week, and enjoying the warm weather. We harvested the last of the cabbages and these were proudly carried back to nursery. We have transplanted chard plants out of the poly tunnel into raised beds. This means the poly tunnel is now ready for some of the old […]

Tweenies Weekly – w/c 18 February

This week, the Tweenies had a lovely session with Ros planting at nursery. The children looked at different stories about plants and sang songs involving planting and soil. They then took turns to collect the soil from the bag and placed it into a tub using both a spade and our hands. We explored a […]

Pre-School Weekly – w/c 18 February

This week, the children have been focusing on ‘Our Feelings’. We have read the book ‘Bear feels Kind’. We have spoken about what it means to be kind and made a display with pictures and quotes from and inspired by the book.  Outdoors, we have been enjoying the mud kitchen, mixing soil and water to […]

Babies Weekly – w/c 18 February

We have been busy babies this week. We started our week off by mark making on paper and trying to colour ourselves in. Sensory bottles and bags have been extremely popular within the room with all Babies showing interest in these. We explored a gluing experience with a few Babies participating and the rest observing. […]

Caterpillar Music & Animal 212 pic 3
Babies Weekly – w/c 11 February

This week, our Babies explored the outdoors. We visited the ducks and practiced our steps outdoors within Victoria park. We read a variety of nursery rhyme story books. We created handprint art work which is displayed within the Baby room. We had our Zoo-themed Caterpillar music session and explored monkeys, elephants and a variety of […]

Summerside Kindergarten Pre-school update 1 Feb Pic 6
Pre-School Weekly – w/c 11 February

This week, the children have been interested in water and ice. We have experimented with freezing water with toys inside. They then went onto play with the ice, watching it defrost, feeling the cold and getting the toy out. We have also been measuring items around the nursery, working with the children’s interest. We have […]

Tweenies Gallery 8_2 pic 9
Tweenies Weekly – w/c 11 February

This week, the Tweenies have been busy creating Valentine’s cards and pictures to take home. The children made these using a range of materials which they glued onto cards and then used paint brushes with a mixture of colours to make marks onto paper. We also explored a shaving foam sensory tray adding some different […]