Since the opening of the new baby rooms and the increased space, we have welcomed six new babies into the baby room and they are settling in well.

The babies have been exploring sensory play, playing with rice, sand, shaving foam and water, with the benefit of running multiple activities concurrently in the new rooms. The babies have also been enjoying the recent spell of fine weather, visiting different parks and outdoor areas. Activities have also been taking place at the allotment, with the babies getting involved with the transition from summer to autumn.

We have welcomed new friends from both the baby room and new to nursery, all are settling in well and getting to know the staff and other Tweenies, while becoming familiar with nursery and the local community enjoying visits to parks, the ducks and the allotment.

The Tweenies have been enjoying garden play, fine motor and construction experiences, role play with real foods and have been busy getting messy with a range of sensory experiences.

Play2Learn sessions have now resumed on a Tuesday morning @ 10am.

It is Harvest time at the allotment and we have been gathering crops and preparing for winter.

A new term means welcoming new friends into our room, building friendships and working together to learn all things preschool!

We are continuing with the development of our garden space with the addition of a music area, a larger mud kitchen for more delicious cooking and a revamped outdoor resource box which we have added to after consultation with the children.

Best wishes to you all for 2022.

We have now welcomed back our children and families after hopefully a restful festive period, and we look forward to working collaboratively with them in the year ahead.

Our immediate plans are to safely re-connect with our local community, forging links that enhance the children’s learning around Summerside’s Eco-School work and to maintain our strong reputation within the area as Responsible Citizens who look after each other and the environment.

Our early years and care team has taken the opportunity to use last year’s training and professional dialogues to keep abreast of National Guidance and continue incorporating the Realising the Ambition document into our observations, planning, and practice to ensure the very best experiences take place throughout each child’s learning journey.

Learning experiences this month include exploring winter, investigating birds and their habitats, looking at colours and shapes and, of course, welcoming friends both old and new back into the setting.

It’s been a great growing season with many days of fine weather. We have had many happy sessions at the allotment playing and gardening.

Our best crops this year have been the Runner Beans, Soft fruits such as strawberries, black currants and raspberries, rhubarb, peas and sweet corn.

The Preschool group have had a number of cooking sessions at the allotment using a small fire bowl and pan. They have learnt how to ‘set’ a fire and have cooked up jam, courgettes, bread and marshmallows. We will continue to do this.

It’s been a great year for flowers and the Tweenies created a wonderful flower bed with Marigolds, Gladioli, Liatris and Godetia. We have grown our tallest Sunflower ever this year and it is 10ft tall, we measured it last week.

The baby group really enjoy their allotment sessions. It makes them feel very relaxed, is lovely and sensory for them and they enjoy the gardening jobs such as watering and putting seeds into pots.

We have crops planted that we can harvest through the winter such as leeks, Brussel Sprouts, broccoli and kale. We are hoping to organise some parent visits to the allotment in the near future, now that restrictions are easing.


The Allotment in November 2021

The weather has been quite good through November, it has been generally mild with some bright, sunny days. We have kept busy at the allotment, and the main big job that has been completed has been building some new raised beds. The children quickly knocked down the old ones, used pallet collars to make the new beds and refreshed the soil. They have really enjoyed doing this.
We have harvested winter vegetables such as leeks, artichokes, spouts and kale-and it all tasted very good. Some of the veg was made into soup.
The bulbs planted earlier in the autumn have started to sprout already. We have planted a number of tree seeds including acorns, conkers and sweet chestnuts-lets hope some of them start to grow in the Spring.
We have marked the COP26 conference by having an Eco Meeting, and meeting Sara from The Leith Collective who talked to us about sustainability and the ability for us all to ‘Make a Difference’ through being knowledgeable and the choices we make.