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Allotment News

The children munched their way through the allotment this week, tasting the broad beans, peas and strawberries that are ready to harvest. The pumpkin plants are beginning to produce small fruits. The children sprinkled  homemade compost around the plants to feed these heavy eaters. We are working towards growing some extra-large carving pumpkins for the […]

Preschool News

This week the Pre School children have been out exploring community a lot. When the children were on their walk on Tuesday the children found a caterpillar so the children brought the caterpillar back to number and made a bug habitat in the fish tank. The children also collected two snails and a worm and collected lots […]

Tweenies News

This week the Tweenies had a visit from the local fire station, we had the opportunity to explore the inside of the fire engine, we explored the hose and watched as the fire men put the sirens on. Some children sat inside of the fire engine and looked at all the different features, for example […]

Baby Room News Update

The babies visited the allotment where we explored the mud and helped Molly to plant carrots seeds. We confidently explored our surroundings within the allotment and we tried radishes our babies were unsure about the taste. We have been practicing our steps in the local community and exploring our surroundings. We have picked flowers, explore […]

Tweenies news roundup

This week the Tweenies have explored a sensory walkway, they walked through sand, water, shaving foam, leaves and grass with sticks. The children were keen to be involved and they described what they felt on their feet as they walked through it. We have painted stones that we collected on our walks and made them […]

Allotment time for children
Allotment Weekly Update

With the dry weather this week, the children have enjoyed watering all the thirsty plants. Our strawberries are beginning to ripen and we made sure they were mulched and free of weeds. The babies also helped to plant carrot seeds, filling a pot with compost and exploring the different textures of soil and seeds. We […]

Pre School Weekly News

This week the Pre School children released the bay frogs into The Water of Leith. We have enjoyed looking after them and watch them grow from tadpole to frog. We had a visit to the allotment and harvested radishes, planted celery Andrew pictures of what we like doing at the allotment for a book Molly […]

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Baby Room Weekly

The babies have been practising their steps within the local park. We want to support and promote their independence on their feet while exploring the local community. They were able to follow simple instructions such as which direction to walk in, stop and wait when asked to do so and have become very confident with […]

Pre School News

This week the children in Pre School have really embraced he free flow play and have been confident in using indoors and outdoors throughout the morning. The loose parts have played a big part in outdoors with the children developing great role play skills. Indoors, the art work to support our Under the Sea topic […]

Baby Room News

This week we have been super busy in the baby room doing a selection of different things. We have been out in the community growing in confidence walking and exploring. We have been climbing the slides in the garden and digging in the sand. We took a lovely trip to the Five Sisters Zoo the […]

tweenies at nursary
Tweenies this week

This week the Tweenies have been gluing using a variety of materials. Making sunshine’s on paper plates. Exploring the computer and iPads. We have baked healthy oat cakes which proved to be very popular with all children being keen to be involved, they shared, took turns, worked together and then had the opportunity to taste […]

Allotment kindergarten
Allotment this week

With the warmer weather, it is now time to plant out more tender summer vegetables! The children did a great job of transplanting pumpkin and squash into mounds of compost this week. They also helped harvest and clear a patch of radishes in order to make space for some sweet corn. We compared the taste […]