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Pre-school visit Crewe Fire Station

Pre-school visited Crewe Toll Fire Station recently. The children had lots of fun sitting in the fire engine, blasting the hose and meeting all the firefighters. The children were keen to know all about fires and listened carefully. 

Allotment News – w/c 1 March

Although it has been the wettest February on record we have been able to make a number of visits to the allotment The allotment is beginning to wake up now and there are lovely splashes of colour with the daffodils, snowdrops and Primulas now in bloom.  We have been able to get on with some […]

Tweenies weekly – w/c 29 July

This week the Tweenies have began working on new wall displays relating to our new interests, bugs and insects. The Tweenies have been busy painting, gluing and colouring various bugs and flowers.  We have been on a gruffalo hunt in our local community and we also visited the allotment where we planted seeds, tasted a […]

Tweenies weekly – w/c 15 July

This week the Tweenies have explored frozen water bead ice. The children were very keen to explore it and they found different things around the room that could help them to smash the ice so they could find the beads inside. We have painted pictures using our fingers and a toilet roll tubes with both […]

Tweenies weekly – w/c 8 July

This week the Tweenies have visited the library and collected different stories about numbers, letters and animals. We brought them back to nursery and took them out for a walk with us, to read and look at while we had a snack. We have visited the allotment where we tasted peas, planted beans and played […]

Allotment Weekly – w/c 1 July

The allotment is giving us plenty to harvest and eat at the moment. It is carrot, raspberry and pea season. Not too much of the fruit and veg is getting to the kitchen because it all tastes so good, we are eating it straight away! We are having a lovely warm spell of weather and […]

Tweenies Weekly – w/c 24 June

This week the Tweenies have made and explored their own salt dough. The Tweenies took turns when adding different materials and mixing it to make it into salt dough. They then used different cutters to make shapes while exploring the salt dough. We have been to the allotment where we dug in the soil and […]

Tweenies Weekly – w/c 17 June

This week the Tweenies have spent lots of time enjoying the sunshine in our local community. We have visited Victoria Park and explored the roundabout and swings. We have taken balls to the park and had song time outdoors. The Tweenies have also visited Keddy park where they explored the large slide and had snack […]

Tweenies Weekly – w/c 10 June

This week the Tweenies have been busy exploring their hairdressers. Due to recent interest among all the Tweenies, we transformed our home corner into a hair salon. The Tweenies have loved brushing, styling and pretending to wash their peers’ hair.  We had another great step it up dance session where the Tweenies used different props […]

Babies Weekly – w/c 10 June

The babies have been loving listening and dancing along to the music and on Friday they had great fun doing the actions at Caterpillar music to baby shark and other songs.  We have been playing a lot in Victoria park. Playing on the swings and slide in the baby park, and catching bubbles on the […]

Allotment Weekly – w/c 10 June

There are lots of good things to tell you about this week. We entered a pallet garden into Gardening Scotland at the end of May, and the children got a Gold Award for their efforts. The theme decided upon by Pre-school was a ‘Night and Day’ garden. This worked very well as can be seen […]

Tweenies Weekly – w/c 29 April

This week, the Tweenies have been busy exploring the local community on the trike. The Tweenies were very excited to have a turn sitting in the trike alongside their peers as they looked at different things they saw in the park. We have worked on our fine motor skills and problem solving skills by cutting […]