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Allotment News

We are having a wonderful week of sunshine, and all the children have enjoyed visiting the allotment this week.  The allotment still has lots of colour with the autumn leaves, some late sunflowers and the marigolds still in bloom.  The children have been busy planting broad beans and sweet pea seeds this week. This will […]

Tweenies News

This week the Tweenies have created clay sculptures using shape cutters and have painted them a variety of colours. We have been walking short distances without the use of buggies and have practised following instructions and holding hands with our peers. The children had the opportunity to to bake with Hannah and made cupcakes, they worked […]

Preschool News

This week the preschool children have been focusing on Autumn. The children have been exploring the local community on their autumn walks where they have been discussing what changes we see in the autumn time, collecting leaves, conkers and acorns.  A small group of children made pizza with Hannah. The children were looking at ice […]

Allotment News

We have had amazing weather today for the Tweenies and baby groups.  The poly tunnel reached 25 degrees today, which seems incredible for October. The Autumn leaves are looking very beautiful along the walk to the allotment, and we have been reading a lovely book called ‘Leaf Man’, and making leaf faces. Today the Tweenie […]

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Babies Weekly

The babies this week have been busy exploring a variety of different experiences. We started the week of by exploring a big water experience in the black tray we added bubbles and glitter and the boats. Some babies climbed into the tray whilst others sat beside the tray dipping items in. We have made the […]

Tweenies Weekly

The Tweenies have been busy creating lots of art work for the Tweenie Room while exploring a variety of colours. We have car track paintings, collected confers, leaves and sticks on our walks and brought them back to nursery to create autumn artwork. The younger Tweenies have been practising walking for short distances within the […]

Tweenies Weekly

This week the Tweenies have had another great just dance session where we pretended to be different forms of transport and connected them to transport sounds the children used colourful materials and moved them  around to the music and they followed simple instructions to find a colour to run to each time the music stopped. […]

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PreSchool Weekly News

This week the preschool children have been continuing to look at shapes and colours. The children have been creating pictures using different shapes. The children have had a trip to the allotment where the were creating picture using the water paints, planting peas and reading story’s. We have been on daily walks exploring the different […]

Allotment News

This week we have planted Daffodils in pots which will be entered into The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Bulb Show, in March.  The pots have been put into a cool, dark spot at the back of the allotment. We have also planted a big area of soil, where the pumpkins had been growing with green […]

Preschool News Update

This week the Pre School children have been focusing on shapes. The children have been looking out for shapes while in the community we have been looking at different shapes windows, houses and signs. The children also had a trip to the allotment where they were trying fruit and veg and harvesting potatoes.

Tweenies weekly new content

This week the Tweenies enjoyed another great just dance session, we explored bean bags, fabrics and we followed instructions. We visited Victoria Park and e plots the slides, climbing frame and swings. The children have been walking in the community and have liked exploring the branch’s for walks. We had Roz from the allotment come […]

Allotment News

What a mixed bag of weather we have had this week with some lovely sunny days and a day of high speed winds.  I am glad to say the allotment survived the high winds with only one sunflower getting knocked over. We have steadily made progress with our autumn tasks planting onions and garlic today. […]