Food: Mealtime experience and education.

At Summerside Kindergarten, we appreciate that meeting the child’s nutritional requirements is essential for intellectual and behavioural development, and we educate children about the positive benefits of good nutrition.

Early years education mealtimes provide opportunities; to encourage choosy eaters to try different foods and gain acceptance of healthy food through, seeing their friends’ enjoyment.

We teach our children the words and rituals, the manners, of our culture, we lay down the foundation to consider other people’s feelings, while promoting the use of basic courtesy language, such as please and thank you.

We use mainly locally sourced fresh ingredients in our cooking.

Our food preparation staff have undertaken appropriate learning and possess current certification. Dietary, belief and preference are respected, and menus are on display in advance and questions or comments are always welcome.

The children are actively involved in planning menus with future meals greatly influenced by their feedback on likes and dislikes. Some of the fruit and vegetables we use in the kitchen comes from our allotment. The children are involved in every stage; from sowing seed to savouring the harvest.