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Weekly allotment news

The weather has not been so good this week with lots of rain and also pretty cold. There is not so much to do gardening wise, so the children have been busy with other things. The pre-schoolers threaded strings of Cheerios for the birds, and did lots of water colour paintings-we used the shed like […]

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November Allotment Update

The allotment is in great shape at the moment and we have really completed all the seasonal gardening jobs, so our motto this week has been’ less work and more play’. We have painted with water colours, painted with mud, had lots of stories inside a cardboard box, mixed potions and played with sand. Today […]

Allotment News

It’s been good weather for gardening and we have managed to get lots of seasonal jobs completed.  The raised bed by the gate was planted up by the tweenies with Primulas and pony tail grass-it looks lovely.  This group also harvested leeks, beetroot and spinach. The pre-school group cleaned the poly tunnel, planted acorns and […]

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The  week started with a very heavy frost which turned the tomatoes into little frozen lollypops!  The allotment water has also been switched off for the winter, so we will need to collect more water than usual. This week we used the pumpkins we had grown in the summer to help us celebrate Halloween. The […]

Allotment News

Another great week at the allotment.  It has been very windy but also sunny and warm.  We celebrated International Earth Worm Day by looking at worms, reading worm books and making a wormery.  We discovered the collective name for worms is a ‘wigggle’ of worms, and somebody wanted to know if wolves eat worms?-the answer […]

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We are having a wonderful week of sunshine, and all the children have enjoyed visiting the allotment this week.  The allotment still has lots of colour with the autumn leaves, some late sunflowers and the marigolds still in bloom.  The children have been busy planting broad beans and sweet pea seeds this week. This will […]

Allotment News

We have had amazing weather today for the Tweenies and baby groups.  The poly tunnel reached 25 degrees today, which seems incredible for October. The Autumn leaves are looking very beautiful along the walk to the allotment, and we have been reading a lovely book called ‘Leaf Man’, and making leaf faces. Today the Tweenie […]

Allotment News

This week we have planted Daffodils in pots which will be entered into The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society Bulb Show, in March.  The pots have been put into a cool, dark spot at the back of the allotment. We have also planted a big area of soil, where the pumpkins had been growing with green […]

Allotment News

What a mixed bag of weather we have had this week with some lovely sunny days and a day of high speed winds.  I am glad to say the allotment survived the high winds with only one sunflower getting knocked over. We have steadily made progress with our autumn tasks planting onions and garlic today. […]

Allotment News

Well it’s been quite a week for us already.  We had great success at the Edinburgh Allotment show, and were awarded 4 certificates including first prize for our flowers and second prize for our vegetables in the children’s section.  We also won a third for our vegetable monster and first for our allotment photos. The […]