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Allotment Weekly – w/c 8th April

The growing season is in full swing now and we can’t plant enough seeds quick enough. The poly tunnel is getting very full with germinating seeds in their trays. Some crops have been sown directly into the poly tunnel soil so we can get early crops of radish, spinach, peas and lettuce. All three groups […]

Allotment Weekly – w/c 1 April

Allotment News for week beginning 1st April The weather has been very changeable this week, moving swiftly from sunshine to hail storms. It has been difficult to get all age groups to the allotment due to the intermittent weather conditions.  Preschool made it to the allotment, however, they were read stories and had some snacks […]

Allotment Weekly – w/c 25 March

We have had great weather this week and it finally feels like time to really get going with planting and sowing seeds. So Pre-School have planted radishes and spinach seeds, and the Babies have planted lily bulbs in pots.  The onions, peas and other flowers planted a few weeks ago are doing well. The Pre-School […]

Allotment Weekly – w/c 4th March

This week, we have been doing our gardening jobs at the nursery, mainly because it has been a very wet week! I recorded 1.5 inches of rain in our rain gauge at the allotment. The Pre-School group have planted red onions in trays and laid out King Edward and Charlotte potatoes to chit. They will […]

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Allotment Weekly – w/c 11 February

I have been tidying the allotment up ready for all age groups to come to the allotment next week. We have also had new peat free compost and wheelbarrows delivered.  This week the Pre-School group chose a woodland play session. We had lovely weather and great adventures which involved making a number of dens. The tweenies […]

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Allotment Weekly – w/c 4th February

We were back at the allotment this week with the Pre-School group. Again, everyone was delighted to be there and it seemed to give us a sense of freedom and enjoyment. Everyone got busy feeding the robins, digging, water colour painting, reading stories and using the loppers to cut up hedge clippings. We are also […]

Allotment Update – W/C 7 January

Happy New Year to everyone. I wanted to let you know what is happening at the allotment at the moment. Some crops, such as our garlic, onions, leeks and beetroot, are doing well. I harvested some leeks and beetroot today and the Babies will be washing them tomorrow ready for cooking them up for lunch. […]

Summerside allotment news
Weekly allotment news

The weather has not been so good this week with lots of rain and also pretty cold. There is not so much to do gardening wise, so the children have been busy with other things. The pre-schoolers threaded strings of Cheerios for the birds, and did lots of water colour paintings-we used the shed like […]

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November Allotment Update

The allotment is in great shape at the moment and we have really completed all the seasonal gardening jobs, so our motto this week has been’ less work and more play’. We have painted with water colours, painted with mud, had lots of stories inside a cardboard box, mixed potions and played with sand. Today […]

Allotment News

It’s been good weather for gardening and we have managed to get lots of seasonal jobs completed.  The raised bed by the gate was planted up by the tweenies with Primulas and pony tail grass-it looks lovely.  This group also harvested leeks, beetroot and spinach. The pre-school group cleaned the poly tunnel, planted acorns and […]