Babies Weekly – w/c 28 January

This week, our Babies have been busy making marks on paper to create colourful artwork which is now displayed within the baby room. We have also explored our animal sand habitat which some of the Babies observed before choosing to participate in the experience themselves. We have been exploring sensory bags and bottles. Some of our Babies have recently found their feet and have been practicing their steps within the room and we are supporting them to grow in confidence on their feet. We are continuing to support our Babies to sleep on rest mats which has continued to be successful.

We also took a short morning walk around Victoria Park this week.

In addition, we baked with Ros this week. All the Babies participated within each stage of the baking process. We had our first Caterpillar music session which was superhero-themed. Our Babies confidently explored the musical instruments and communicated effectively with all adults within the session. We got creative using Greek yoghurt and food colouring to create some colourful pictures which are now displayed within the Baby room.