Babies Weekly

We explored our shaving foam sensory tray. We had glitter and sticks within the tray and most of the babies observed the tray and chose not to touch it. After a period of time they slowly approached it and explored using the sticks and did not use their hands to touch the shaving foam.  Ros visited the baby room and we explored a variety of leaves. We spent time exploring the different textures and sizes. We had smooth leaves, bouncy leaves, big leaves and small leaves. Our babies had the opportunity to develop their motor skills by mixing up mint using the pestle mortar.  We explored glue and glitter to create some sparkly art work which is now displayed within the baby room. We have listened to different genres of Scottish music to celebrate St. Andrew’s day, we glued flags and played in Scotland themed salt dough. We built small towers with the logos and enjoyed shape sorting with traffic cones. We have still been making the use of the outdoors taking short walks in the community. Ros visited us within the baby room exploring musical instruments singing Christmas songs, reading Christmas stories and exploring wooden birds. Our babies have been busy using the shape sorters to stack and place other items within the stacking cups. We finished off our week with a lovely little trip to Ocean terminal were we went and looked at all the wonderful lights.