All children have the opportunity to explore our nursery allotment, which is located within walking distance from our nursery.

Our allotment is looked after by the children at Summerside together with our horticulturist Molly.

Molly supports the children to grow fruit and vegetables all year round, the children then harvest the produce and bring it to nursery where it is often incorporated into the meals.

The children plant different seeds and cuttings then they observe their plant or vegetable’s growth until it is ready to harvest.

Parents are always welcome to visit the allotment and once a year at harvest time we have a family barbecue.

Our allotment was chosen by City of Edinburgh Council to be an exhibit at their ‘Success in the City’ event.

We have also received a ‘Gold’ at the Royal Scottish Horticultural Society’s show at the RHS Show Ground, Ingilston for our outstanding allotment exhibit.

Allotment News

Summerside Allotment
Allotment Update

As the soil warms, the critters living in the dirt start to wake up from their winter slumber. This week, the children went on a hunt for woodlouse, spiders and worms. They observed the ones they could catch under a magnifying glass before returning them to the ground. We also sowed spinach seeds in the […]

Allotment News

Despite the storm hindering our gardening activities last week, the white blanket of snow melted away as quickly as it came and we were able to continue our preparations for the coming growing season. In the run-up to planting, we need to feed the soil by adding organic matter. The children enjoyed spreading compost around […]

Allotment Update

Heralding the new growing season, the children sowed the first batch of early peas this week. The seeds were planted in a trough that we then hung up in the polytunnel as it is still too cold for the seeds to germinate outdoors. This year we are sowing Kelvedon Wonder, a heavy cropping and super […]