Allotment Weekly – w/c 4th March

This week, we have been doing our gardening jobs at the nursery, mainly because it has been a very wet week! I recorded 1.5 inches of rain in our rain gauge at the allotment.

The Pre-School group have planted red onions in trays and laid out King Edward and Charlotte potatoes to chit. They will be planted at Easter time. The Pre-School group also made clay hedgehogs. The Tweenies planted onion sets in trays and made bread with me this week.

Last Friday, the babies made their first visit to the allotment this year. They enjoyed eating snacks in the fresh air, looking at the daffodils and primroses and doing a lot of singing.

On the Eco Schools front, we have adopted Summerside Street in order to try and keep it litter free. This was done through the charity ‘Leithers Don’t Litter’.