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Tweenies weekly update

This week the Tweenies have been working on our fine motor skills, we tried hard to cut and thread straws and beads. We have enjoyed sponge painting and the children explored this by putting their hands into the paint and creating hand print painting and enjoyed enjoyed getting very messy. We have been tackling puzzles […]

Babies Weekly Update

This week the older babies had the opportunity to explore the community. Majority of them were able to walk around the whole park, stopping along the way to pick up grass and stones. We have spent some time in the garden tackling the big slide with support. We were happy to sit in the cars […]

allotment pre school
Pre school weekly update

It’s the first week of the new term and our pre school children have been busy getting back into routine. Our new topic is all about Transport, we have experimented with imaginative ways such as modelling and drawing to represent a variety of Transport. We have discussed the journeys we make and the different ways […]

Pre school news

This week the Pre Schoolers have enjoyed their last full week of free play before the new term starts. We have had lots of activities available for the children to choose and they have enjoyed deciding for themselves. We have played with the animals, the wooden bricks; building some great buildings/towers, made little towns using […]

Tweenies weekly update

This week the Tweenies have been busy creating lots different artwork. Due to parent handing in a large bottle lid collection we have been putting them to good use and have created lots of art with them which we will display within our room. We have been busy exploring different sensory activities and have been […]

Baby room weekly review

This week the babies have been busy making the most of the dry weather. We have explored the garden, climbing the slides sitting on the see saws, touching sand(even trying to taste it) we had even morning snack in the garden. We have taken song time to Victoria park were majority of the children participated […]

Pre School news

This week in preschool we went to the allotment and helped Nadia with turning the compost, watering the plants and picking different fruits and vegetables. We enjoyed eating cucumbers, blackberries, raspberries, red currants and blueberries. We made some vegetable soup with all the different vegetables having been grown in our own allotment by the children […]

Tweenie News

This week the Tweenies have made use of the bad weather conditions by exploring different sensory activities such as a car washing station, here the children had to take turns with their peers allowing them to all have a go with cleaning the cars with a cloth and some soap, this was the most popular […]

babies play with a sandbox at summerside kindergarten
Baby room weekly review

The baby room staff members have decided to split the baby room into a older and younger room to best support all children within the rooms, we decided to do this due to the stages of the older and younger children’s development. Older Babies The older babies this week have had a busy time exploring/settling […]

july pre school
Pre School July Update

This week the Pre Schoolers have been participating in various activities. The dressing up has been extremely popular and a group have been really interested in builders. They used our hi vis vests and the tool kit to aid their roe play. We extended their play, giving them construction tape and took it outdoors using […]

july news tweenies
Tweenies this week

This week the Tweenies have explored a variety of different sensory activities. Due to the large interest in transport we created and explored a digger construction site, we used saw dust and a variety of different transport types for the children to explore. We have painted cotton bud pictures on foil and created cotton bud […]

Pre-School May Update

The Children are getting primed for entering Primary School, a point in life that represents a huge new start for children and parents alike! The Pre-School children have been learning about what to expect in the next academic session as they embark on another exciting chapter in their lives!