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Pre-School May Update

The Children are getting primed for entering Primary School, a point in life that represents a huge new start for children and parents alike! The Pre-School children have been learning about what to expect in the next academic session as they embark on another exciting chapter in their lives!

Tweenies May Update

The Tweenies have this week been learning all about farmyard animals, with lots of fun being had by all mixing learn with play! We have enjoyed making animals from the materials we have found in and around the nursery, with the sheep stencils being put to good use to create both good and baaaad pictures!

Babies May Update

The Babies have been engrossed by our topic Holistic Play, which has focussed on allowing the children the opportunity to play with multiple different toys over the course of an afternoon. The Babies have really loved the nature of Holistic Play!

Babies this week

This week the Babies will be concentrating on kitchen play, due to the large interest from the children pretending to wash dishes and exploring the utensils! We shall put water in the sink to place the dishes in, and do some baking due to the success of the last time!

Babies this week

This week are Babies are concentrating on their Christmas activities! They are continuing with their Christmas songs with actions; we are going to complete a pine cone animal activity using pine cones we previously collected as well!

Babies this week

This week the Babies are starting their Winter theme. We have recently visited the library and collected seasonal books that we will be looking at and reading this week. We shall also create a Winter Wonderland using a selection of white materials!

Babies this week

This week Babies are continuing on with their sensory activities and as such we will make a discovery basket filled with different size and textures! We will also allow the children to make sensory bags to explore without direct contact. Finally, we will be keeping the sensory tent out this week allowing the children to […]

Tweenies this week

This week Tweenies are going to be finishing off our last week of Colours! We are going to be using cars and paint to practise our matching skills by matching the correct car colour to the correct colour of paint, making a great transport picture as a result!

Christmas Hamper Monday 5th December 2016

Each year we have a Christmas Hamper to raise money for Children 1st, this year we are changing our charity to The Sick Kids Friends Foundation. We ask that parents, families and friends contribute an item to the hamper and put £5 into an envelope with your name on it. Santa will draw one or […]